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  • Informative seminars and dinner meetings
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  • Promote recycling & beneficial waste uses
  • Encourage development of new industry technologies
  • Information source for Public Officials
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The California Waste & Recycling Association (CWRA) is a trade association comprised of the waste and recycling industry with operations in the County of Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. The members of the CWRA believe in the principle that a competitive marketplace delivers high service levels to customers and municipalities at fair rates. The goal of the CWRA is to improve and enhance the waste and recycling industry by working with our members and associates to promote best business practices while maintaining public trust and improving the environment.

The CWRA supports state and local officials in their efforts to achieve environmental sustainability, including the development of Zero Waste communities. We have prepared this letter to request your consideration of affiliating as an Associate Member of the CWRA in order to allow your company to interact at a high level with the clients and/or potential clients from the waste industry. Below are a few of the benefits that you will receive from your Associate membership with the CWRA.

Bronze Associate


Per Month

  • Company logo on the CWRA website

  • Invitation to attend various industry meetings and forums with our members.

Silver Associate


Per Month

  • Company logo on the CWRA website

  • Advanced profile of your company and a description of your product/service offerings on our website.

  • Invitation to attend various industry meetings and forums with our members.

  • Invitation to attend the Annual Holiday Party in December for up to two (2) guests.

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What is the CWRA?

The CWRA is an association of waste haulers, recyclers, facility owners and operators and our Associate members whose goods and services support our industry. We provide industry members, public officials, and the public with information that is relevant to the current climate in the waste industry as well as how it affects our members.

The CWRA is dedicated to expanding the frontiers of waste recycling and while keeping our members at the forefront of progress. CWRA is committed to maintaining a competitive marketplace – providing customers with excellent services at reasonable rates – that will enable our members and associates to grow their business and prosper.

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  • "The CWRA has given me new business, industry and professional connections, and
    allowed me to help on important California issues. I highly recommend joining.”

    –Robb Fahrion, Flying V Group

  • "Joining the CWRA is a no-brainer. Their leadership and commitment to excellence is second-to-none. They do the best job of protecting industry companies and lobbying on their behalf.”

    –Industry Member

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