CWRA provides a variety of services to the solid waste industry including the monitoring of legislative and regulatory activities and the advocacy of our members industry positions. This information is communicated to the membership on a regular basis through bulletins, emails, phone calls and monthly meetings. Membership meetings and seminars are held with speakers of interest to the industry, with the goal of providing information and member interaction with our immediate industry and that of our associates. Members are invited to attend monthly Board of Directors meetings where special speakers may be on the agenda along with an agenda filled with current legislative and regulatory information.

Mission Statement

It is the purpose of the California Waste & Recycling Association (CWRA), a non-profit industry association, to improve business conditions in the solid waste industry on behalf of its membership, to support rules and regulations which enable a competitive industry to operate for the benefit of the members and their customers, and to assist State regulatory entities and local municipalities to achieve environmental objectives, including creating Zero Waste communities.

CWRA is founded on the principle that a competitive marketplace creates and maintains a fair rate structure and high service levels which best serve industry members and their customers. The Association works with elected public officials, State and local municipal representatives and various regulatory agencies to advance the industry in response to changing dictates, while at the same time working to maintain equally fair marketing conditions for all industry companies regardless of size.


Organization Info

In early 2017 the Los Angeles County Disposal Association (LACDA) changed the name of the organization to the California Waste & Recycling Association to better define member’s area of operations and association activities at the State and local levels. CWRA is a non-profit mutual beneficial corporation representing all segments of the solid waste industry, including waste haulers and recyclers, facility owners and operators and associated industry service and product companies.

CWRA is directed by industry members who comprise the Board of Directors and Officers, working with the Chief Executive Officer, General Counsel and supporting staff. In cases where additional expertise is need, the Association with hire governmental relations and public affairs firms that will assist in presenting the message.


It is the continuing goal of CWRA to improve and enhance the solid waste collection and recycling industry by working with our members to promote fair business practices while protecting their rights and assisting residents and businesses to initiate and enhance practices which promote environmental stewardship.
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