California Waste & Recycling Association

We are a professional group of waste haulers, recyclers, facility owners, and operators.


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President’s Message

On behalf of the CWRA solid waste haulers, recyclers, facility owners and operators and our Associate members whose goods and services support our industry, I welcome you to our industry web site. The purpose of this site is to provide industry members, public officials, and the public with information that is relevant – each of us is a waste generator and is serviced by the industry.

Our Public Outreach Programs include:

  • Recent Developments – Including Waste Reduction Programs
  • Existing and Proposed Rules and Regulations
  • Emerging Trends – New Recycling Programs & Challenges

Today’s solid waste collectors and innovators work everyday to divert waste from local landfills by recycling waste streams for use in consumer products. From plastics to paper…..from rubber to metals….from rugs, fabrics to electronics….the list of materials separated and recycled from the general waste stream continues to grow. And residual waste is now used as feed stock for various forms of technologies that convert it into useful products and chemicals, green fuels such as biodiesel and ethanol, and clean renewable energy.

As recycling continues to grow and expand the challenges have never been greater. Diminishing markets and falling commodity prices, coupled with huge facility investments are just some of the challenges facing industry. Never have industry associations and public education programs been as critical as now. These changes represent a dramatic evolution in the industry. The CWRA is dedicated to expanding the frontiers of waste recycling and keeping our members at the forefront of progress. CWRA is committed to maintaining a competitive marketplace – providing customers with excellent service at reasonable rates – that will enable our members to rise to all challenges.

We are doing great things in CA